:: Relationships ::

It’s AMAZING!. Amazing how a stranger, a person you didn’t know would end up meaning so much to you. Amazing how as time progressed, from a stranger it turns into a friendship. A friendship so strong. Even if you didn’t knew them well, didn’t know their past. But yet you learn to trust that person. How easy and comfortable it is to just talk to that person about everything and anything. Hurmm.. pelik tuh.

Relationships. What is the foundation of every relationship? From my take lah, I think it’s built upon not only trust, but communication. Together, combined it will build a strong relationship. Trust, no matter what will play a significant role. But communication is key. Why? Because if you and another person lack communication, how are you going to be able to share and know each other? Like any type of relationships, there will be problems and arguments that will occur. Without communication, will you be able to fix and mend it? Through communicating, you can hear each other’s side and be able to know what’s on their mind and settle the differences. 

In a relationship, you should learn how to give & take. 
Have heart, tell the people you admire/your crush/your boyfriend/your girlfriend/someone you like that you love them before it's too late to say so.

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