Health Or Wealth

Imagine a cost in your business or personal budget that grew 3400% faster than all other costs. Would you do something about it? OK, That is what has happened to health care costs over the last 50 years. While other goods have gone up 8x in the last 50 years, health care has gone up 274x. WOW!!!

From friends who own small traditional businesses (IKS la kan) to my entrepreneur friends, most are aghast at how severely they've been hit by health care cost increases. It's simply unsustainable. This post will outline an alternative approach to getting your health care needs met that may be a better route for you and your organization.

I believe the prescription is a do-it-yourself approach from the grassroots. When the successes highlighted below scale, the "leaders" will follow. It does require businesses and individuals to dive deeper into something that they could shunt off to their insurance agent in the past as it wasn't a big enough impact on the bottom line to worry about. That has changed. Many businesses and individuals are at a financial breaking point and must take action!! :))

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